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Attendance Consultancy

Attendance Data Analysis

A one-off piece of analysis to assist schools in understanding their attendance and persistent absence data at:

  • whole school

  • vulnerable groups and 

  • individual pupil levels.  


CSAWS data analysis will provide a comparison to National Attendance Data Averages and help schools identify patterns and reasons for absence to enable creating an action plan for improving school attendance and persistent absence levels, and narrowing the gap for vulnerable and non-vulnerable groups, ensuring no groups are disadvantaged by poor school attendance or high levels of PA.  This provides schools with data evidence to support how they decide to use their resources in improving school attendance and a base-line to demonstrate the impact of any strategies subsequently utilised.

Group Work

Written and delivered with improving attendance at the focus of each sessions, CSAWS are able to offer group work for large or small groups of pupils or parents or both, running for one or over several weekly sessions, in school settings.  Feedback, with key messages from the group work including the child’s voice, any concerns and opinions, will be written up and recorded for schools to consider any implications.  This provides written evidence of impact of the group work and an insight into the barriers and promoters of school attendance at school.

One-to-One Sessions

Working with an experienced allocated CSAWS Officer, sessions are directly with individual pupils focussed on identifying barriers to attendance and providing strategies for pupils to improve their attendance to school and their outcomes.  These sessions can be tailored to each pupil, delivered in school or in the home environment.  Often utilised around reintegration programmes, reducing persistent absence or as an early intervention, CSAWS Officers are able to draw on a range of approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling and Solution Focused techniques.

Attendance Health Check and Audit

A bespoke attendance health check and audit can include:


  • Review of Attendance Policies and procedures in school

  • Observation of practice

  • Interviews with key members of staff including attendance officer, senior lead for attendance, governors etc.

  • Register accuracy checks

  • Data Analysis (as above)

  • Staff, parent and pupil surveys and collating of the results

  • A full written report, recommendations and resources to develop an action plan to improve attendance and reduce PA, that can be implemented by schools and/or with further support from CSAWS.  


Schools and settings can tailor this package to include as much or little as required. 

Punctuality Sweep and Attendance Blitz

CSAWS are able to offer one-off or regular Punctuality Sweeps and/or Attendance Blitz to improve punctuality and attendance to any school/setting. 


Punctuality Sweep

CSAWS Officer to stand at the gate / entrance and speak to all pupils and parents who arrive late.  These are recorded for school and CSAWS letters sent to each parent late. If done regularly, these can escalate to punctuality meetings with parents repeatedly late bringing their children to school.   


Attendance Blitz

A number of CSAWS Officers will come to school/settings and collect a list of allthose pupils who are absent.  A home visit will then be completed to every child absent or those absent with no contact having been received by school.  Letters are left at homes of parents who are not available to speak to at the home visit.  This can be advertised amongst pupils and parents as an intervention to tackle poor attendance. All gathered information is recorded and sent back to school.  

Health Check

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